Bună ziua from Romania!


I’ve been here a few days and have not had much to say to the world about my experiences thus far.  I would have to say it’s been a bit overwhelming and I’m speechless.  Thankfully, other than perhaps my emotions, I have not suffered much jet lag.  I definitely picked some good flights, and the very minimal layover time helped a lot.

I have been hanging out at the Hope Center in the Caramidari neighborhood.  Many may see that place as hopeless, but I do see an army of poor children being raised to bring the Gospel to unreached parts of Romania.  The team at the Hope Center really love, love, love these children.  It’s amazing to watch them hug and love children that are very dirty and smelly, much like those commercials you see for other ministries in third world countries.  Yes, it looks like that, seriously.  I haven’t taken pictures yet out of respect for the people, but I will take some eventually because I want the memories to come with me.  And they will serve as good prayer reminders.

My emotions have been quite raw, but I’m coming around now.  I wasn’t eating much the first few days but made a very awesome scrambled egg, spinach, garlic concoction a little bit ago.  Being away from my juicer is rough, but I can find some raw veggies/fruits here to indulge in.

That is it for now.  We will be going to Roseti in a couple hours to visit a church plant there.  There are some Norwegian folks here who have financed the Hope Center among other things they so generously gave to make possible.  They will be recognized for this tonight at the church.  I am very blessed to be here.


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  1. the way u describe the conditions, is amazing I can see it, I can feel it. Don’t underestimate the power of tears, God weeps with you. If these children are that dirty they must also lack nutrition. This verse tugs at my heart. Man can’t live on bread alone… sound like God is doing quite a work there. God bless you Carrie.

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