Martina Lara ~ Our Lady Wrap Star!


I love this story. It’s why I started wrapping too.

The Wrapunzel Blog

Meet the beautiful Martina!  I (Andrea) have been so awed by her wraps, her zest for trying new things, and her personable style.  She is a cancer survivor and current fighter and I am inspired by the strength in her eyes and the pureness of her giving spirit.  She also makes wrapping look like so much fun!  (Which we all know that it is, but for someone going through such trials to make it into such a calling and art… just, wow!)  I can’t wait for you to meet her…


Martina’s Story:
“I moved [to the US] from Germany in 1994 when against all odds (according to doctors) I became pregnant at the end of 1997. It was a tubal pregnancy and so I lost my only chance at becoming a mom, which made me a spiritual seeker of sorts, since I wasn’t brought up with any religious identity and losing my…

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